The Common Housefly, Musca DomesticaThe culture of Musca domestica has the highest yield of any agricultural product known. In my culture system the standard production yield is sixteen ounces of live larvae per square foot of grow bed on a five day sow to harvest cycle or seventy three pounds per square foot per year

The availability of this amount of meat will have a profound impact on our ability to mitigate probable damage to our biosphere in the next century. The intense cultivation of Musca domestica is the only natural meat resource that has any hope of replacing oceanic fish meal if the stocks fail.

Applications of Musca domestica culture include insect production and materials, including agricultural wastes, processing. Feeder insects for animal food are used in zoo, wildlife and pet animal food, aquaculture, poultry and entomophagy. Oils and other fractions should be used in pharmacology, cosmetics and fine oils.

I do not believe that this farming technology should be tied up with exclusionary patents but be treated as an open source enterprise, unshackled, available to all and accepting of development input from all with something to contribute. To that end I am stopping the effort in place to patent the system developed upon my experiments and observations begun while a student at Willamette University in Salem, Oregon the Summer of 1975. My patent application, reproduced here, is a clear expression of the highly simplified system and apparatus needed for basic Musca domestica husbandry.