I’m restarting my blog with this entry. I will express my feelings and attitudes as well as the facts of Musca domestica culture  and application as I have investigated and practiced it since August of 1975.

Farmed insect culture is best put to use in service of preservation of the planet, not overtaken and directed as simply an additional fortune- generating device. Insect husbandry should be used to improve the common welfare, which includes the ecology of the Earth. I have no faith in resting this new resource into the hands of academia, industrial agriculture or the commodity combines which have traditionally controlled protein meals, oils, and other fractions.

The most commonly used ocean-derived commodities required a vast infrastructure to acquire the prime resource – wild fish. Expensive  fishing fleets and shore facilities were required for extracting the free raw material necessitating the large concerns able to handle supply. As the oceans are used up or broken there is a natural turn to insects because they are the only terrestrial resource capable of matching the volume and quality of material previously sourced from oceanic fish.

Insect  culture is economically viable on the much broader base of small producers with far less infrastructure.

As the mass culture of insects  is new, it also generates new money. There is no good reason to lock up this new value in the same old hands. The culture of Musca domestica lends itself to development  by farmers  and no longer necessitates the  multinational mega businesses of the past.

Skip Cockerum
Ontario, Oregon USA